Is air duct cleaning worthwhile? This is a matter I cope with frequently on the phone and then in the potential buyers house on an estimate, so can it be? Air duct cleaning is usually a valuable service if the work is done properly. If the work is done improperly you then just wasted your money. 

Reputable companies have been around a while and maybe have a good track record. Research your potential hires for air duct cleaning or whether they any company that you will likely hire. Research is easier than ever using the internet. Just make sure you don’t rely on one resource. Myself I like Angie’s List. You will get reviews that you could track besides the source.

Now take a deep breath and ask yourself the question when did I last have my air ducts cleaned? If the reply was anywhere between 3 years back and hardly ever your probably due. Next I and schedule you to take another deep breath and take heed to these next several sentences. Indoor air is 19 times more polluted than outside air. The average person spends 93% our time indoors. So is indoor air important? The period of time we spend breathing indoor air is critical so within my estimation yes indoor air is important.

The easiest way to clean air ducts this is usually a source removal method. OK, so what exactly is a source removal method? It is a method that does not seal within the dirt in fact it uses removes the dirt further from air duct system. There are many ways to do this. My preferred technique is to connect a vacuum hose, preferably a 10 inch wide hose, strait onto main trunklines. Attach once on the provision trunkline and once more situated on the return trunkline.

The next step is to seal off all of the vents whether with magnetic covers or self adhesive plastic. I might then take off the vent covers and feed a power whip directly into vents to loosen the soil. The loosened soil is then detached to the collection bag, through vacuum, which is found outside of the home. We would run power air whips the main trunk lines to push all the dirt back into wherein the vacuum is connected.

Garden Grove Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning that specialized in the upkeep of ventilation systems, offers to accept complete coverage of work: diagnosis, disinfection and treatment. Air duct cleaning effort is way too finicky to handle her customized, and requires bulk specific tools, fixtures and equipment.

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